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Sleep training is the worst! Glad Eme is doing so well with it, but I remember the heartbreak of those first few nights. You're doing great, mama.


Hope you guys are adjusting to the new time zone OK. Sleep training IS the worst. My girl cried for 35 minutes the first night, and I'll never forget it, but she's a champion sleeper now.

Our favorites to sing over here are Edelweiss from The Sound of Music and -- my VERY favorite -- Stay Awake from Mary Poppins. We have a Julie Andrews thing.


Hope your trip home went well. I love your posts so much, and your baby is a doll.

One of my favorite songs to sing my second son was "A Froggie Would a-Wooing Go," mainly because it was fairly long. I also tend to make up a lot of songs, which may be a bit odd. But I do find that when the kids hear those special "Mom" songs, it's a signal that bed time is well and truly on its way!

Good luck!


I am glad I rediscovred your blog. I am catching up on all the entries, which of course I love. On the lullaby front you may want to try Barges. Perhaps you remember that from camp days as a youngster. C & V liked it when they were babies, and you can add in some funny pirate moves.

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