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Oh, what a sweet little peanut! I'm so glad to read about your experiences -- and to read that they're getting better. May they continue along that trajectory!


Oh, my gosh. You describe so perfectly SO MUCH of what I experienced post-partum.

I wouldn't even LET Joe carry F in the Ergo for a very long time, and when he finally did I actually had a panic attack as we were walking down Columbus Avenue, so sure was I that she had stopped breathing. And the feeling of being the proprietary parent -- bingo. I had the thought, in no uncertain terms, that F was MY BABY and NO ONE ELSE'S, including her father's. And the constant thoughts that something terrible would happen to her, and so on...

And yes, the horrible poochy body, which takes WAY longer to to away than you think it should, and the shower-crying, and so much. Those hormones are a BITCH, aren't they?

But despite all of that, there you are with that perfect little squidgy human, and it can't get any better. She is gorgeous -- and you look amazing!


You look absolutely lovely, as does Emerson. God I love that name. Hope things continue to get better and better!


I had to chuckle when I read this-it sounds so much like what I went through with my first. No matter how much you are told, until you live it you can't appreciate it. It also helps to have a serious sense of humor, which you do. She's gorgeous and a lucky girl!

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