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Nothing But Bonfires

Holy crap, I was just thinking of The Ivy Crown, which made me think, randomly, of you (I remember you saying once that you had it at your wedding, and -- surprise! -- we decided to too), so I popped along here thinking that the space would still be lying fallow and HERE YOU ARE! And not only HERE YOU ARE, but HERE YOU ARE WITH A BABY and also HERE YOU ARE IN FRANCE. I've missed you! In the least creepy, most normal, so-glad-you're-back way possible.


Holly! I love that you guys used The Ivy Crown at your wedding too -- it is such a perfect "grown up" love poem. I remember when I read it for the first time sitting outside my thesis adviser's office in college and basically ran back to my room to type it into an email to send to DK, because YES, EXACTLY. So good to hear from you - btw, love your gorgeous decorating of the new house. We're great, happy as clams - I highly recommend both the baby and the temporary move to France! xoxo

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