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Nancy. You look so lovely that I could cry! And I think your plan to spend two months in France is wonderful. You won't be getting a ton of sleep, so why not spend that time in a beautiful, dreamed-of place? And oh, the photos you'll have of your daughter's months two through four. Anxiously awaiting your news...


AAAAAAAH! I am so HAPPY and EXCITED for you! It's so weird, I was JUST thinking about you in the last two days and wondering how you were and hoping that you were in a Family Way. And look at you and your perfect little (yes, little!) baby belly! And you're having a GIRL!


Dysfunction Junction

Welcome back!! What a great thing to see in my Google Reader!

Thespian Libby

Welcome back, and wonderful happy congratulations on oh so many fronts!


Thanks you so much for the well wishes! We are getting so excited. I confess though that I had a dream last night that she was coming now and we weren't AT ALL ready -- woke up with a pounding heart and resolve to get things in order. Like getting a pediatrician! And packing a hospital bag! And clearing off my desk! Yipes. xo


Welcome back, and I am so happy for you! This mom of three boys says: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GIRL!!!


Hoping to hear an update from you soon!

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