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Britney Spears. I can't hear a bad word about her without jumping in and announcing that she is TALENTED and BELOVED and whatever, her body was GOOD during that ill-fated comeback performance, as I shake my fist in the general direction of the Hollywood hit makers and breakers for abandoning her in her hour of need.

Yes, I realize, not corporate, but you know, it's, um, Britney. But I say this as I work on a freelance project and listen to "Radar" blaring in my ears. Because I buy her albums, coolness factor be damned.

See also: Jessica Simpson. That one, I can't even defend or explain.


Gwyneth Paltrow, all the way, and I don't know why. Also, I will defend Kelly Clarkson anywhere, anyhow. Try me.


I missed your initial "return post", but I'm so glad you're back!


It seems that all the cooking-types I know *hate* the late-90s edition of "Joy of Cooking."

But I love it, and my copy is falling apart from use.

Also, I too like Gwyneth Paltrow.


Hi Nancy,

I only saw the opening lines of your previous post on my blog reader update thing and very much got the gist that you've not had a great time. By the time I went to read it, you'd taken it down. And fair enough too.

Welcome back to blogging. It sounds like you are, despite the heartache, finding ways to enjoy life in and with your inimitable style. May you continue to do so.

And if you don't, you can always write about it here and have some comfort from us and from the act of writing.

Best wishes,

Tristan Clothing

I agree with Allison. I wonder why some don't like the late 90s...

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